Is Edge part of Google?

When it comes to web browsers, there are several options available for users. One popular choice is Microsoft Edge, but many people are confused about its relationship with Google. In this article, we will explore whether Edge is part of Google or not.

What is Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft and first released in 2015. It was introduced as the successor to Internet Explorer and designed to be faster, more secure, and more modern. Edge is built on a different rendering engine called EdgeHTML, which replaced the Trident engine used by Internet Explorer.

Is Edge based on Google Chrome?

No, Microsoft Edge is not based on Google Chrome. However, in 2019, Microsoft announced that they would rebuild Edge using the Chromium open-source project developed by Google. Chromium is the same technology that powers Google Chrome, and it provides a more compatible and consistent browsing experience across different websites.

What does the switch to Chromium mean?

The switch to Chromium means that the new version of Microsoft Edge uses the same underlying technology as Google Chrome. This results in better compatibility with websites and extensions that are designed for Chrome. Users of the new Edge will have access to the Chrome Web Store, allowing them to install a wide range of extensions.

Differences between Edge and Chrome

Is Edge part of Google?

While the new Edge shares the same foundation as Chrome, there are still some differences between the two browsers. One notable difference is the user interface. Edge has its own distinct interface, which is designed to be more streamlined and user-friendly compared to Chrome.

Another difference is the integration with Microsoft services. Edge offers seamless integration with Windows 10 and Microsoft products such as Office 365. This can be an advantage for users who heavily rely on Microsoft’s ecosystem.

Is Edge part of Google?

No, Edge is not part of Google. It is a browser developed and owned by Microsoft. While it now uses the Chromium engine developed by Google, it is still a separate entity and not under the control of Google.

In conclusion, Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft, and it is not part of Google. Although the new version of Edge utilizes the Chromium engine, it remains a distinct browser with its own features and functionalities. Users who prefer Microsoft’s ecosystem or are looking for a more streamlined interface may find Edge to be a suitable choice.

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